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The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Disc Golf Course is a private, membership-based pay-to-play venue. Memberships and day passes can be purchased at IAIA Disc Golf Course Membership and Daily Fee or in the IAIA Campus Bookstore. Each non-member visitor must purchase a day pass and retain their receipt as proof of purchase.

The purpose of IAIA Disc Golf Course is to offer a fun, healthy, and lifelong recreational opportunity for IAIA and the surrounding region. Disc golf is a component of the college’s health and wellness curriculum and the course exists to enhance our campus facility and offer a unique feature to our community. All money generated by the disc golf course benefits the IAIA Associated Student Government and the disc golf course.

The disc golf course was designed by David McCormack of Gateway Disc Sports and is a prime example of high desert disc golf. It features custom painted Gateway Titan Pro-24 Disc Golf Targets complete with numbered golf flags mounted atop each target as well as custom cedar tee box signs and field turf tee pads.


83 Avan Nu Po Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico
U.S.A (87508)

Course Length:

4948 - 6749

Tee Type
Basket Type
Gateway Titan Pro-24
Elevation Changes
Moderate Elevation Change
Vegetation Density
Moderately Wooded
Course Added By
Flahive on 05/03/2016
Last Updated by
Alan Barker on 04/11/2017

Course Rules

  • All players must be IAIA Community members, disc golf course members, or have paid the day use fee.
  • Throw from designated areas specifically located for reasons of safety and challenge.
  • Be sure the fairway is clear before throwing. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Yell “Fore!” if a thrown disc is approaching a pedestrian.
  • Pack in—Pack Out. Pick up trash as you go, whether it is yours or not.
  • The course is only open during daylight hours.
  • All drug and alcohol use is prohibited. Drug and/or alcohol use on the IAIA campus will result in revocation of use and involvement of law enforcement.
  • If a disc is in the middle of a tree and establishing a stance and throwing will damage the tree, relief may be taken one meter behind the tree on a straight line to the basket without penalty.
  • Stay on designated paths where marked.
  • Respect the environment and its inhabitants. Do not damage or alter trees and obstacles.
  • Vandalizing targets, signs, equipment, artwork, and landscaping is a serious offense and will result in revocation of use and involvement of law enforcement.
  • No pets allowed on the course (even those on a leash)! 
  • Please do not use profanity or make excessively loud noises! 
  • Good sportsmanship rules are to be observed.
  • Access to the IAIA Campus is a privilege. Be respectful and courteous of the environment, students, staff, and faculty of IAIA.


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